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Our Facial Care Kit brings together all of the best facial care products that VitaminMed has to offer into one convenient package. These 5 products are top of the line in their industry and have been paired together to give you the results you've been looking for. Take your facial care to a whole new level!

The Kit contains the following products:

  • Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser
    Powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients combined with antioxidants work in synergy to reduce the harmful effects of inflammation.
  • Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer
    Hydrating, repairing, smoothing, collagen stimulating, just to name a few of the ways this MEGA moisturizer will benefit your skin.
  • Anti-Aging Facial Serum
    Activates cell vitality, combats wrinkles, brightens and tones. Potent signaling peptides hone damaged sites to aid in repair and restoration.
  • Anti-Aging Eye Serum
    Reduce dark circles, puffiness, and help reduce the appearance of crows feet around the delicate skin of the eye area for more radiant, youthful eyes.
  • 8-in-1 Eye Renew
    The ultimate eye restoration treatment to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce under-eye and eyelid puffiness and minimize dark circles.
  • VitaminMed Toiletry Bag

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